About Abdul Majid Daryabadi

Abdul Majid Daryabadi

Abdul Majid Daryabadi, an eminent scholar, commentator of the Holy Qur-an, Jouralist and writer of Urdu with a distinctive style, was born in March 1892 and died on 6th January, 1977. He first edited the Urdu weekly “Sach” and then “Sidq-i-Jadid” to the end of his life and contributed literary articles to prestigious Urdu journals like “Ma’arif” of Azamgarh.

“Al-Nazir” and “Hamdam” of Lucknow and Hamdard of Delhi besides many others Being one of the earliest members of the “Darul Musannifin”, (Shibli Academy) Azamgarh, he later on headed its Managing Comittee. He was also associated with the Royal Asiatic Society, London Hindustani Academy, Court of the Muslim University Aligarh, Khilafat Committee and the Nadwatul Ulama, penned about fifty works of which the more distinguished were the Urdu translation of the History of European Moral (in two Volumes) and “Mukalmat-i-Barkley”, “Falsafa-i-Jazbat”, “Safar-i-Hijaz”. “Hakim-ul-Ummat”, Muhammad ‘Ali: “Zati Diary”. “Akbar Nama”, “Tasawuf-i-Islam”, “Ma’asirin and Aap Biti” but his commentaries on the Holy Qur-an in Urdu and English mark out a place for him among the notable scholars of the modern age