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Names of Al-Quran

Nay! This is a Glorious Quran (Al Quran 85:21) which is translated as ‘he read’, he conveyed or delivered a message.

verse (2:2) “Al-Kitb” the word “Kitab” means {he wrote}, {he brought together} and ‘{which is complete in itself}’.

The Quran is also called “Al-Dhikr (15:9)” the Book which makes provisions for eminence, fame, renown, honor, and reminding, and Al-Furqan (25:1) the book which distinguishes between right and wrong and which is divided and revealed in portions. read more

Al-Quran a miracle?

The Quran says:

And this is a blessed Book (the Qur’an), which We have sent down, so follow it and fear Allah (i.e. do not disobey His Orders), that you may receive mercy (i.e. saved from the torment of Hell). Lest you (pagan Arabs) should say: “The Book was only sent down to two sects before us (the Jews and the Christians), and for our part, we were in fact unaware of what they studied.” Or lest you (pagan Arabs) should say: “If only the Book had been sent down to us, we would surely have been better guided than they (Jews and Christians).” So now has come unto you a clear proof (the Qur’aan) from your Lord, and a guidance and a mercy. Who then does more wrong than one who rejects the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah and turns away therefrom? We shall requite those who turn away from Our Ayat with an evil torment, because of their turning away (from them). [Tafsir At-Tabari, Vol. 8, Page 95] [Qur’aan 6:155-157] read more

Qur-an: the Book of GOD (Allah)

When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) claimed that the Qur’an was a divine book revealed to him by God for the guidance of man, there were many who did not believe him. The scriptures to them were a human rather than a divine composition. The Qur’an then gave a challenge to these skeptics, asking them to produce “a scripture similar to it,” if what they said were true. (52:34).

It declared, moreover, in no uncertain terms that, even if all the human beings and the jinns made collective and concerted efforts to produce a book like the Qur’an, they would all fail miserably in their attempt. (17:88). read more

Ultimate manifestation of God’s grace

READ in the name of thy Sustainer, who has created – created man out of a germ-cell! Read – for thy Sustainer is the Most Bountiful One who has taught [man] the use of the pen – taught man what he did not know. (Quran 96:1-5)

With these opening verses of the ninety-sixth surah – with an allusion to man’s humble biological origin as well as to his consciousness and intellect – began, early in the seventh century of the Christian era, the revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad, destined to continue during the twenty-three years of his ministry and to end, shortly before his death, with verse 281 of the second surah: read more