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Surah Al-Aanam Feb. 1 Introduction V. 1-12


Aanam means cattle,it is named for the idolaters making some cattle lawful and others unlawful for superstitious reasons and them being refuted for this, the surah has 165 verses covering only one topic. This is unique in the Qur’an because most surahs cover several topics. This surah covers the pillars of faith. It was revealed in one setting and it was revealed in Mecca.

The woman Asma was leading a she-camel and the Prophet (S) was riding it and when he received this surah the camel stopped and looked as though it was carrying a heavy load all of a sudden, and didn’t move until the revelation was finished. Allah says the Qur’an is the heaviest thing. Not just heavy in meaning, it is physically heavy. If you stand to recite a large portion of it you will be physically drained. Asma came to visit the Prophet (S) from Madina to learn from the Prophet (S) in Mecca. She narrated this story of the Prophet (S) receiving the surah. Her being there for the revelation shows the importance of women in carrying on this Deen. read more

Surat- Al-Annam Feb. 8 V. 1-21


V. 1-21

This surah deals with the pillars of Iman. Islam consists of 6 components, system of belief, system of worship, system of manners and conduct, system of transaction, system of socializing, and systems of life, health, education and politics. These components are like a tree with all these branches. If the “trunk” is bad the branches will be bad.

The “trunk” of this tree is the Creed of Islam. The branches are only useful or fruitful if they draw from the “trunk” Once the trunk is established then the rest can be strong. If we talk about any of the branches without considering, or apart from the trunk, then they will look beautiful for a bit and then fall apart. If the branches are connected to the “trunk” then they will be strong and last. read more

Surat-Al-Annam Feb. 15

Surat-Al-Annam 2/15

Allah said: There are those who lie to themselves. Those who believe in something that has no proof are lying to themselves. Those who have hypocrisy; and those who commit wrong, and justify their wrong actions lie to themselves. Allah knows the true reality, and even if other people perceive us as good people Allah knows how we truly are and what other people thought of us will do us no good on the Day of Judgment. We can lie to ourselves and others but Allah knows the truth. read more

Surat-Al-Annam 2-22-09

Surat-Al-Annam 2/22/09 v. 33-44

  • 33- Allah is telling the Prophet (S) I know it causes you a lot of grief what the unbelievers say, but they aren’t denying you, they are denying the entire truth/reality. The people of Mecca were giving arguments without any base, and they were ridiculing. It got so bad that the Prophet (S) started to blame himself and feel as though he deserved punishment.
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    Surat-Al-Annam 3-1

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-1

    V. 43- 54

    Allah has sent us explicit reminders (Qur’an Prophets) and positive implicit reminders (food, environment, life, bounties, and blessings). For food he has included all the nutritional elements we require in our foods like meat and vegetation. We need to be conscious of these implicit reminders. We also have negative implicit reminders (injuries, sickness, death, loss, and hardship). Allah said we provide both explicit and implicit reminders to all nations so that they might remember Allah, with hope, repentance, worship, etc. read more

    Surat Al-Annam 3-8

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-8

  • 54-58
  • 54- This verse continues on with the story of the weak/low status Sahaba being requested to leave during their meeting with the Prophet (S). The Quraish felt they would lose respect if they were known to be sitting with these weak/low status Sahaba. One instance the Prophet (S) was sitting with these six Sahaba and a leader of the Quraish came and asked for Muhammad (S) to speak with him away from them, Muhammad (S) turned away from them to speak with the man, the man said we can’t be seen with these Sahaba, the Prophet (S) said ok, and the man said I want this in writing, so the Prophet (S) asked for paper to put it in writing, while they were looking for the paper Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) came to the Prophet (S) and told him not to agree to this. After this incident Allah (SWT) told Muhammad (S) that from now on he would always have to stand and shake hands in greeting to these six Sahaba.
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    Surat-al-Annam 3-15

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-15V.59-62

  • 59- The Key to the knowledge of the unseen is only in the hand of Allah (SWT). He knows what is in the sea and what is on the land, not a single leaf falls except that he knows about it, nor a seed buried in the land, or a dried or growing branch except that it is written in a clear Book.
  • He has the knowledge of the Hour (Judgment Day)
  • He distributes the rain, knows where it will fall (water cycle)- Allah (SWT) lowers the clouds so the rain fall won’t hurt us, Allah (SWT) has destroyed things through lightening or through hail. The clouds stack up in the sky to form like mountains, if the rain fell from the top layer, it would kill everything on earth, Allah (SWT) in his mercy has created a system to prevent this
  • He knows what is in the wombs in detail, how the fetus develops in detail, how the placenta supports and protects the fetus
  • He knows what you will earn tomorrow, we can plan but we really don’t know what will happen, we have to say Insha’Allah otherwise it is a type of shirk, never say what we will do tomorrow without saying Insha’Allah, The Prophet (S) didn’t say Insha’Allah once when he was asked a question, he said he would answer tomorrow but he didn’t say Insha’Allah, he had to wait 6 months for the answer because he didn’t say Insha’Allah. The control of tomorrow is in the hands of Allah (SWT). When we start something we say Bism’Allah because we are only doing it by the permission of Allah (SWT), and when we finish something we say Alhumdul’Allah because we only completed it by Allah’s permission. When we sleep Allah separates the soul from the body, and if He doesn’t return it we would never wake up.
  • He knows when and where we will die, no soul knows in what place it will die.
  • 60- He (SWT) is the one who causes us to die when we sleep. Death is separation of the soul from the body either permanently (death) and or temporarily (sleep). Our souls go to a place and meet while we sleep. Children sleep a very deep sleep; Adults have a shallow sleep because of sins/stress. We are dreaming while we sleep, sometimes the body tries to react to the soul’s activities, that’s why some people talk in their sleep or even walk. Most dreams aren’t remembered, this is a mercy.
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    Surat-Al-Annam 3-22

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-22

    1. 61-67
    2. 61-62- Allah (SWT) has decrees, and they will be the way he decrees them regardless of whether or not the creation likes it, the creation submits willingly and unwillingly to the will of Allah (SWT). If we are forced to submit where is our free-will ?

    We are forced to submit we have no say on where and when we are born or where and when we die, we have no choice, we also age, how we look, who are parents are, when in time we exist, all of these things are set for us; we have no say in these matters. The mechanics of our body, the way it functions are not by our command, they receive commands from Allah (SWT) we have no control over our heart, needing to breathe, eat, drink, etc. We also have no say in the weather or climate. No matter how much we don’t want to sleep in order to get things done, even if we take medication and drink coffee, we eventually submit to sleep. We have no say in time nor in the changing of seasons and day and night. We have to submit to these things we have no say nor can we alter these things. read more

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-29

    Surat-Al-Annam 3-29

    1. 67

    This verse has all the explanation for why things happen in creation- Every event has a designated time. Our problem is that we want the events to happen when we say, and we get impatient we act as though we want to run the universe, but Allah (SWT) is in control.

    For example: We say when will Muslims unite? We say everything is in place why isn’t it happening? Then we think maybe we’re bad, maybe we’re not deserving of the help of Allah (SWT). Everything must happen at its proper time in order for things to work, if we try to merge in traffic at the wrong time it will cause a disaster, we must merge at the proper time, so too is the uniting of the Ummah. read more

    Surat-Al-Annam 4-5

    Surat-Al-Annam 4-5

  • 68-78
  • 68-Allah (SWT) is telling the Prophet (S) if you see those who sit and talk about the revelation/signs of Allah (SWT) with no knowledge or sincerity it is like someone jumping into the ocean not knowing how to swim. If you see these people trying to explain, understand, or ridicule the signs/revelation, then you should stay away from them until they stop. If we forget this command or were unaware of what they were talking about then the moment we remember we should leave them, these people are wrongdoers.
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