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Surat-Al-Anfal 4-4

Surat- Al-Anfal


Anfal- means the war booty. The reason for it was those accepting Islam were unable to practice Islam because they were oppressed by the Quraish. After 13 years the conditions in Mecca went from bad to worse to the point the Prophet (S) and the Muslims had to leave Mecca. By the permission and guidance of Allah (SWT) they found a place (Medina) where the attitude towards them was the opposite.

Surat-Al-Anfal 4-18


  1. 5-16

The theme is – Power and might, what is the Islamic concept of power and might.

We are only as strong as our faith, even if we have low resources we are strong if our faith (Iman) is strong. The second measure of strength is how much we adhere to the moral code and the commandments of Allah (SWT). If we give our utmost effort and commitment to fulfilling the commands of Allah (SWT) then we are truly strong.

Surat-Al- Anfal 6-20


  1. 37-40- Allah (SWT) is making an offer in good terms with the disbelievers who came intentionally all the way from Mecca to Medina to suppress Muslims, and they were unable to do so, Allah (SWT) is telling them you failed in your attempt to do something wrong, if you stop in your aggression and change and do good then Allah (SWT) might forgive you.

Surat-Al-Anfal 6-27


  • 45-46- These verses are telling Muslims how they must behave in confrontation, it gives 4 commands and one thing to avoid. Oh you who believe in any time you are on a battlefield or a confrontation with a group:
  • Be steadfast, cling to your position, never waiver or retreat. We have to be determined to reach our goal no matter what we are facing, no matter what causes of fear exist.
  • Remember Allah (SWT) unlimitedly. We must be conscious of Allah (SWT) constantly. These first two are required for success.
  • Be obedient to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (S) and the leader. This is the time for implementation, not for discussion or debate.
  • Do not divide or dispute amongst yourselves. We must be a team player, be collective minded at this time. Eliminate all friction and disputes. If we do not have this quality failure is imminent. Also we will have no respect from others.
  • Be patient, acquire these first four then give it time for them to succeed, Allah (SWT) is with those who are patient. These last three are required to secure the help of Allah (SWT).
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    Surat-Al-Anfal 7-11


    Allah (SWT) has shown us in this surah how the believers, unbelievers, and hypocrites were reacting to the battle of Badr in order to compare and contrast. To show us a good example of what qualities we must have, and to see a bad example of qualities we should NOT have.

    The five good qualities we must have are:

    Surat-Al-Anfal 7-18


    The theme of the surah is the Islamic definition of power and might. When we talk about power, the least type of power is physical, and physical power is meaningless without the other more important non-physical types of power. The main purpose of having power is to establish and maintain justice, and to provide protection to the weak segments of society.

    What are the forms of power in the world?

    Surat-Al-Anfal 7-25


    1. 60- Be strong in all aspects including physical might, prepare all you can a power, so that you can deter your enemies.

    Ribat- means when you are not in war the places where you prepare for defense, camps, weapons manufacturers, when at war it means having a fortified, well-guarded front in the battle.

    Surat-Al-Anfal 8-1


    V.67- This verse is dealing with the prisoners of war captured after the battle of Badr. There were 70 great leaders of the Quraish who were captured as a prisoner of war in this battle. The Muslims were few and lightly prepared to go and capture the caravan then they realized they had to face the Quraish army of 1,000 and that all the military leaders of the Quraish were part of it. The believers thought they would be destroyed, the Prophet (S) told them they were promised victory by Allah (SWT) that made them feel they would survive, but they still never thought they would win and actually capture 70 great leaders of the Quraish. They saw miracles and things happening that made them start to see they would not only survive but win, and then not only win, but have prisoners of war. read more