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Surat- ArRa’ad


The Surahs of the Qur’an are like different terrains. Some are like valleys easy to navigate others are rocky and some are like mountains. Surat-ArRa’ad is like a mountain. ArRa’ad means thunder. Thunder is something powerful, and causes fear and awe. It is something natural we see all the time, but human beings cannot create thunder or control it. Allah (SWT) says the thunder is glorifying and praising Allah (SWT) and we should say SubhanAllah when we hear it. During thunder and lightning there is polarity. read more

Surat-ArRa’ad 11-4 V. 1-4


V. 1-4

We hear thunder all the time but we never contemplate it. Allah (SWT) is telling us there is more to it than just part of a rainstorm or a loud noise. Allah (SWT) is providing us a method of learning that will result in belief with certainty. We find this in verses 1-4.

V.1-2-“ Alif Lam Meem Raa. These are the verses of the Book (Qur’an) and what has been revealed to you (Muhammad), from your Rabb is the Truth, but most of the people do not believe in this. Allah is the One who sustains the heavens without any pillars you can see, then firmly established Himself on the throne, and subjected the sun and the moon to His laws- each one pursuing its course (orbit) for an appointed time. He regulates all affairs. He spells out His revelations so that you believe for certain that you will meet your Rabb.” read more

Surat-ArRa’ad11-11 V. 5-11


V. 5-11

V. 5- “Now if there is anything that seems strange, strange is their (the disbelievers) saying “What! When we become dust could we then be raised to life again?” They are the people who’ve denied their Rabb, they are the ones who have chains around their necks and they are the ones who will be the inmates of hellfire to live therein forever,”

Allah (SWT) says that it is a wonder to Muhammad (S) and the believers that people deny the Message. It is not a wonder to Allah (SWT) because Allah (SWT) has knowledge of everything. Allah (SWT) goes on to tell the Prophet (S) that if you wonder about their reaction to you, a greater wonder is that they question if they will be resurrected after dying and becoming dust. Remember when the disbeliever of the Quraish came to the Prophet (S) with an old bone and crushed it to dust in front of the Prophet (S) and the other believers and said are you trying to tell us we will be brought back from this? This was a powerful statement and the Prophet (S) needed a quick response, so Allah (SWT) sent Jibreel (AS) immediately with the response, Allah (SWT) told him to tell them the One who created this bone the first time from nothing can create it again from dust. read more

Surat-ArRa’ad 12-2 V. 13-17


V. 13-17

Allah (SWT) has created His creation in ways that demonstrate His attributes, and He has created us with the intellect to reflect on His creation. We’ve been created to always be thinking, so Allah (SWT) wants us to use that thinking in a good way. We should be thinking and reflecting on the creation for all of our lives. This is Yafakiroon.

The next level is we need to go deeper with this thinking. We need to think deeply about the creation, ourselves and the revelation. We must comprehensively understand these signs. read more

Surat-ArRa’ad 12-9 v. 16-24


V. 16-24

V. 16- “Ask them: “Who is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth?” (if they hesitate to respond) say: “Allah”. Then ask them: Why do you take other deities besides Him, who do not control any benefit or harm even to themselves, as your protectors?” Say: “Are the blind and seeing equal?” Or can darkness and light be equal? Have their other deities created anything like His creation which has made the matter of the creation confusing for them? Say: Allah alone is the Creator of everything and He is the One the Irresistible (His will prevails over all).” read more

Surat-ArRa’ad 12-16 v. 19-24


V. 19-24

This surah is powerful; if we really understand it we will be compelled to believe like we believe in the daylight that we see. Allah (SWT) mentions two examples:

  • The valley full of rainwater, that has foam and filth floating at the surface, at the end of the day the foam and filth on top has been left aside or evaporated, and the remaining water has been absorbed by the earth and it brings forth all kinds of good things for humanity. Zabad- the foam and filth on top of the water. Rabiah- a word that means constant furious motion, this is required to cause the foam to build up, with just a little cease in motion and the foam disappears. The word Riba (interest) is from the same root, the money builds up but as soon as the motion stops the wealth is gone. Jufaa’a- Useless, evaporated and or put aside.
  • The furnace with the ore being heated. When the ore is heated the precious metals are separated from the impurities, the metal sinks down and the impurities float on top. The precious metal is more valuable, more solid, denser, useful and more cohesive. The impurities have little mass but a lot of volume, it is not cohesive, they have no value and are not related to each other.
  • read more

    Surat-ArRa’ad 12-23 V. 25-29


    V. 25-29

    The people who respond to the call of Allah (SWT) have the qualities mentioned in verses 19-24. In Surat-Al-Annam Allah (SWT) tells the Prophet (S) who was frustrated by the people not responding to his Message, that those who are deaf will not respond. If a person has Iman they will respond to the call. There are many things we are deaf to. For example when we are at the mall there is all kind of noise and other people talking, but we don’t respond to it we are deaf to it. Some people are deaf to the call of Allah (SWT).  If we ignore our boss calling on us repeatedly there will be consequences, well Allah (SWT) is calling on us repeatedly and if we don’t respond there will be consequences. However much Allah (SWT) is valued by us indicates how much we will respond to the call. In another Surah Allah (SWT) says that the servants of Ar-Rahman when they hear vain talk they pass it like they are deaf, but when they hear the call of Allah (SWT) or the reminder their hearts tremble. read more

    Surat-ArRa’ad 1-6 v. 27-34


    V. 27-34

    The subject of this surah are found in the first two verses of this Surah, This revelation the Qur’an is the Truth from Allah (SWT), yet many people do not believe in it. This is something strange; human beings have intellect and are expected to be rational and intelligent, so how can they not believe in the Truth? That’s why this surah is dealing with the science of Iman. The Truth should be believed naturally, for people to not believe in it is something strange, so Allah (SWT) in this surah is showing some of the reasons why people don’t believe in it. Also Allah (SWT) refutes the baseless arguments presented by people who don’t believe in the Truth. read more

    Surat-ArRa’ad1-13 V. 32-37


    V. 32-37

    After Allah (SWT) presents the proofs for his religion, the Quraish and other disbelievers raise questions that are irrelevant and use these questions as their excuse for not believing. They wanted some miracles of their choosing as a proof, although they already have the Qur’an which is a miracle. The Prophet (S) has the best miracle in the Qur’an and he also did some physical miracles by the permission of Allah (SWT). The miracles they were asking for were irrelevant but they insisted on them as an excuse to disbelieve. read more