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Surat-At-Tauba is the 9th Surah of the Qur’an At-Tauba means repentance

Surat-At-Tauba 8-29


We are discussing two major issues.

They stabbed your religion- What does Allah (SWT) mean by this? For example today the headline says “Victory Mosque at Ground Zero” This implies that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 attacks in one way or another, they imply that all Muslims either supported it, participated in it, or at least were pleased with it. First of all the building is a 13 story cultural center, it is called the Cordoba cultural center, it is named after the city of Cordoba where Muslims provided a center of learning and culture for all religions Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The Jews used to flee to Cordoba to escape Catholic persecution. It will be like a free YMCA including athletic areas, and a performing arts center. The opponents of Islam cannot say they are anti-cultural center, or anti-religion, so they use the term “Victory Mosque” to stir up resentment and hatred and opposition to all Muslims. read more

Surat-At-Tauba 9-5


This Surah is opening the doors for all enemies of Islam to repent and join the new Islamic society or community. It is also named At-Tauba for the story of the companion Khabab ibn Malik who missed the battle of Tabuk.

This Surah is also called A-Bara’ah which means disavow, because it calls for the breaking of treaties with those who have not kept their theories.

Surat At-Tauba 9-19


Surat-At-Tauba is named for the opening of the doors of repentance for everyone Muslims or non-Muslims, Allah (SWT) has said the door of repentance is open even for the Quraish after all the evil they had done to the Muslims. There were some special conditions for those of the old regime who still wanted to resist the change, but any who said they want to repent were given the chance.

Surat-At-Tauba 10-17


This surah is Surah of repentance, and Islam calls all people to repent, we are like a glass, if we allow dirt to accumulate it will become unclear, we must regularly clean it in order for it to remain transparent. Our hearts are like this glass sins and evil are the dirt, we must regularly clean our hearts with salah, and other acts of worship and repenting to Allah (SWT), the more we repent the more transparent our heart is and the more receptive to the guidance of Allah (SWT) it will be. read more

Surat-At-Tauba 10-31


  • 29-31- talks about the people of the book, then verse 32 tells us what to expect from them, then verse 34 tells how they misuse the funds of the church.
  • 30-31 says the Jews say Uzair is the son of God and the Christians say Jesus is the son of God, this is something fabricated by them and it is only believed by them. To say any being other than Allah (SWT) has divinity is totally false, Allah is a singularity, which means it is the only one, and there is nothing alongside it allowed. So to claim divinity to any of the creation is false. Even angels cannot share in divinity. There is no reproduction with God, that whole process is void, and there is nothing comparable to Allah (SWT). Surat-Al-Ikhlas describes Allah (SWT) and it is also precisely what singularity is.
  • read more

    Surat-At-Tauba 12-12

    Surat At-Tauba 12-12

    We really must understand this Surah, and the specifically the 5th Ayah. People have many questions about this verse, and people with agendas against Islam try to use it to cause fear of Islam, we have alhumdulilah been taught very well in this class about this verse, please see previous notes.

    Surat-At-Tauba 1-2



    This is the second section of this surah and it is dealing with the expeditions that were full of difficulties and hardships. People see war as a license to kill, and when people go to war they grant themselves a license to kill. Aside from this difficulty there are others. This section is talking about these difficulties but doesn’t give details about the battle specifically, but gives general principles of guidance for us for all time.