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Surat-Yunus- Introduction



The Surah is named for the Prophet Yunus (AS) known as Jonah in English. He was sent to minoah (ninevah) in Iraq. His story is famous because he was swallowed by a whale where he repented for leaving Iraq so he was released; he recovered and went back to his people. His people accepted his message and lived a righteous life for a while.

Surat Yunus 7-24 V. 1-2


Major Issues & V. 1-2

This surah has three main issues to discuss:

  1. The most difficult issues raised by the unbelievers to justify their rejection of the Message of Islam (V. 1-70)
  2. The summary of responses given to the Prophet (S) (and to us) to the issues raised by the unbelievers
  3. Examples of previous Messengers and how they dealt with these issues raised

Surat Yunus 7-31 V. 3-4


V. 3-4

The surah is named Surat-Yunus because the story of Prophet Yunus (AS) gives us the theme for this surah.

We will be looking at two sides, what are the arguments of the people who deny the Messengers and remain disbelievers, what are the arguments of the Prophets (AS) when giving the Message. This surah is full of talking points for the Prophets (AS) on how to present their case.

Surat-Yunus 8-7 V. 5

Surat Yunus

V. 5

This surah is describing the best human beings (Prophets) who having so many problems are to the point where they feel like quitting, but the Surah comes to tell them that this is not an option, this Surah is very timely for us we are in a similar situation of difficulties and the Surah is telling us also we cannot quit. The Prophet (S) had been working in Mecca for 11 years and he has only gained 300 (at most) followers and they are oppressed and spread out thinly. The society has had no change, and he (S) has lost his support from his wife Khadijah and his uncle Abu Talib. read more

Surat -Yunus 8-28 V. 17-20


V. 17-20

If we reject the Message of Allah (SWT) then we will struggle and have hardship in this life and in the Hereafter we will be punished, if we accept the Message then we will have the best life possible, and in the Hereafter we will be rewarded. Every Messenger was told to deliver the Message clearly. The Messengers are not to go beyond this, they are not to judge the people that is for Allah (SWT). In the process of delivering the Message there are a lot of arguments that will take place. The Messengers will deliver, and the people who reject it will argue and bring different points, so Allah (SWT) gives the Messengers talking points. We can see in the Qur’an Allah (SWT) will say Qul! (Tell them) and then the argument of the Messenger comes. read more

Surat-Yunus 9-11 V. 21-23


V. 21-23

The Prophet (S) said the Qur’an is like the terrain, some of it is steep and difficult, and some of it is smooth and easy to travel through like a valley. Also the Surahs are like different types of personalities, some are strict and stern, and some are friendly or gentle. With some verses or Surahs we can make a connection immediately while some we have a harder time connecting with. The verses that are difficult are never verses we need for our daily practice. Allah (SWT) will make everything clear on the Day of Judgment. Some verses and Surahs are generous to us and we easily find many things we can understand. read more

Surat-Yunus 9-18 V.24-27

Achieving good results comes from haveing will-power. This will result in fully following the guidance. The Sahaba achieved will power. They were able to become a world power in-spite of the four powerful nations surrounding them, The came from a Bedouin lifestyle and after entering Islam they became model human beings by two things the Qur’an and As-Salah.

The power of the recitation of the Qur’an affected all the people around them. We cannot get anywhere without having the Qur’an in our hearts like the Sahaba did.Allah (SWT) knows this is the best way for us to progress. One way to become a person with will-power is to do Qiyam-Al-Layl (The night worship). This Surah Yunus talks about Prophets (AS) who run out of steam, when we run out of steam we should turn to Salah, including Qiyam for a recharge. read more

Surat-Yunus 9-25 V.24-36


V. 24-36

Remember this surah’s theme is given in the last two verses 108-109 of the surah. “Oh mankind truth has come to you (Qur’an and Prophet(S)) whoever follows it is guided and whoever doesn’t will go astray. Muhammad was not sent as a Waqeel (disposer of affairs) over you. So follow what was revealed to you and wait with endless patience until Allah (SWT) judges between you and your people, and Allah (SWT) is the Best of Judges.”