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Surah Al-Annam

Surat-Al-Annam : This surah deals with the pillars of Iman. Islam consists of 6 components, system of belief, system of worship, system of manners and conduct, system of transaction, system of socializing, and systems of life, health, education and politics. These components are like a tree with all these branches. If the “trunk” is bad the branches will be bad.

Surah An-Neesat

Surah An-Neesat (Women): Consolidation of the Islamic Community – The main object of this Surah is to teach the Muslims the ways that unite a people and make them firm and strong. Introductions for the stability of family, which is the nucleus of community, have been given. Then they have been urged to prepare themselves for defense. Side by side with these, they have been taught the importance of the propagation of Islam. Above all, the importance of the highest moral character in the scheme of consolidation of the Community has been impressed. read more