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Tafseer from as-safwah class

The role of the rasool

(3:144) Muhammad is no more than a Messenger, and Messengers have passed away before him. If, then, he were to die or be slain will you turn about on your heels?  Whoever turns about on his heels can in no way harm Allah. As for the grateful ones, Allah will soon reward them. When the rumour of the Prophet’s martyrdom spread during the battle, it disheartened most of the Companions. The hypocrites who were in the Muslim camp began to advise the believers to approach ‘Abd Allah b. Ubayy so that he might secure protection for them from Abu Sufyan. Some went so far as to say that had Muhammad really been the Messenger of God he would not have been put to death, and for that reason they counselled people to revert to their ancestral faith. It is in this context that the Muslims are now told that if their devotion to the truth is wholly bound up with the person of Muhammad (peace be on him), and if their submission to God is so lukewarm that his demise would cause them to plunge back into the disbelief they had cast off, then they should bear in mind the fact that Islam does not need them. read more

Al-Imran Main Points

1.  Why and When was Suraht “Aal-Imran” reavealed?

Revealed to Muslims, over a period of almost two, from the battle of “Badr”, to teach Muslims NOT to build concepts and expectations (such as that will always be winners in battles, regardless of the extent of preparation), but Allah (SWT) taught them with a practical and painful experience, that winning has prerequisites, reasoning, and preparation requirements.

2. When did the battles of “Badr” and “Uhud” took place in history?

Badr: Second year of Hijra (migration to Madina)
Uhud: Third year of Hijra.
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The Role and mission(110-120)

(3:110) You are now the best people brought forth for (the guidance and reform of) mankind.  You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. Had the People of the Book

believed it were better for them. Some of them are believers but most of them are transgressors.

This is the same declaration that was made earlier. The Arabian Prophet (peace be on him) and his followers are informed that they are being assigned the guidance and leadership of the world, a position the Israelites had been relieved of because they had shown themselves unsuitable. The Muslims were charged with this responsibility because of their competence. They were the best people in terms of character and morals and had developed in theory and in practice the qualities essential for truly righteous leadership, namely the spirit and practical commitment to promoting good and suppressing evil and the acknowledgement of the One True God as their Lord and Master. In view of the task entrusted to them, they had to become conscious of their responsibilities and avoid the mistakes committed by their predecessors read more


In the name of Allah, The infinitely merciful the infinitely compassionate.  Surat Aal Imra      (Steadfastness)  

1.         (1-9)  The role of the reveled book in sustaining the steadfastness on the straight path of Allah. 

2.         (10-13) Protection is not in wealth nor in children, but from Allah alone.(tell the unbelievers this). 

3.         (14-17) The attractions of this world are luring to those who are devoid. 

4.         (18-25) Stand firm in the face of the people of the book and the unlettered one confirming your submission to Allah.  read more

Final Test-Al Imran

Surah A’L Imran‘s test
1-         Steadfastness is
a- Patience
b- collective endurance
c-Holing firmly to the post
d- piety
e- all the above
Ans: (e) all the above

2-         Deep understanding and strong Iman are sufficient to attain steadfastness?
Ans: True

3-         Wealth and children are means of protection in this life for the unbelievers?
Ans: True

4-         Piety is the mean to attain the attractions of the life after?
Ans: True

5-         Piety is a mean to attain the attractions of this life?
Ans: True read more